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I brought my guitar here to be fixed, and received the best service ever! They actually weren't able to fix my poor guitar, but I feel they went above and beyond what I would have expected from a guitar shop. When I'm ready to replace my broken guitar, this will definitely be my first stop!

- Robin G

I have been in a lot of music stores in Illinois and other states. There is nothing else like Tobias. Paul and Ken Tobias' comfy and functional shop is the confluence of quality, great service, and fair pricing. If you need something done to your guitar or you need any accessory - you wont' be "nickeled and dimed" here. Tobias music's cornerstone is built on trust and fairness. It's the perfect balance of keeping the pressure off of you when you're shopping - but providing prompt answers and service exactly when needed. From my experience, I highly recommend their repair services (I had a 1964 twelve-string successfully rebraced), and their pickup installations. The latter are always completed in a cosmetically and acoustically flawless manner. Whether you're a beginner (they have some really nice Waldens here) or seasoned guitarist (see the Santa Cruz, Taylor and Martin models) - there's something here for you. I'm pleasantly mystified by how many guitars they can fit in this place. And they always have something interesting and exotic to show you. I learned of this shop about 3 years ago. I only wish I'd have known 20 years sooner.

Rick A.

Great staff and great products!!!! I would highly recommend this store to any acoustic musician in the area!!!

Justin Y.

This is one of a kind. Great place, great people. I had a bass modified here and was pleased with result. The vibe is very cool, and the selection of acoustics is second to none.

David G.

Years ago I was at Guitar Center shopping for my first acoustic and began mingling with another shopper. This guy obviously knew waaay more about guitars than I did. He leans over and whispers "Check out Tobias before you buy". It turned out to be excellent advice. I dont remember if there was a price difference between the two stores, but to be honest, it wouldnt have mattered. I was treated with such respect at Tobias that my decision was easy. I left there that night with a new Taylor and some new friends. I still love to stop in because the place is so nice and so inspiring. THIS is the place if youre looking for a guitar.

John D.

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