What It Takes to Make a Guitar

The dictionary defines PASSION as “a strong amorous feeling or desire”.

We mostly associate this word with athletes and coaches. Michael Jordan played with a passion unparalleled in basketball (and some say in all of sports). Muhammad Ali brought a desire second to none in his attempt to be the world’s best boxer. In Chicago, we refer to “Iron Mike” Ditka as having a ferocious will to win.

You might be asking yourself - “So what does this have to do with guitars? “. Today, we have the luxury of having a vast selection of well-built guitars at almost all cost break points from many different manufacturers. This did not happen by accident. These companies were directed by people with a passion for making quality guitars. They pushed themselves by asking  - How can we make it better? Why do we have to build it this way? How can we improve the playability?

Listen to master craftsmen such as Bill Collings, Richard Hoover, Jean Larrivee, Bob Taylor and others talk about guitar making. Listen to the passion in their voices, and how they went about building a better guitar.

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NAMM Acoustic Guitar