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V-Class Bracing – Your New Best Friend!

If you have been on the hunt for Taylor guitars for sale, checking into the Taylor 914ce and other V-Class bracing guitars, you may have been asking yourself, “What’s so special about V-bracing?” Well, here’s the scoop on why V-Class bracing is such a big deal.

What is V-Bracing? 

Any proficient guitar player knows that the sound of an acoustic guitar is everything. What you may not know is that the structure of a guitar is one of the most important factors that determines the quality of the sound. The bracing of a guitar in basically the internal framework. Taylor has come up with a whole new way of bracing that takes the shape of a “V.” This may not seem like a big deal, until you hear the dramatic improvement of the sound. How so? Read on.

Volume or Sustain?

With more traditional bracing there exists a dynamic between volume and sustain. In general, you can have one or the other, but you can’t have both – until V-bracing came along, that is. That’s right! This new structure allows for notes that are louder, with more enduring sustain, and even an increase in the notes being in tune with one another.

How It Works

So how does V-bracing accomplish this revolutionary feat? Well, it allows for a significant amount of flexibility of the soundboard (top) of the guitar. This increases the volume. Yet, it also enables there to be a stiffness to produce a longer sustain of the notes. The middle of the guitar maintains stiffness, while both sides of the top remain flexible. Traditional X-bracing only allowed for one or the other. V-Class bracing provides both. Who knew it would also improve the guitar’s intonation. Amazing!

The Results

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to V-Class bracing. As you look for Taylor guitars for sale try out the Taylor 914ce or similar models to see the difference for yourself. You’ll find a sound that is of much higher quality making your music the best it can be. When playing alongside digital instruments, recording your original (no doubt) eventual top-of-the-charts hits, or performing live – you’ll find that your sound will take a jump in quality. Check out Taylor V-Class bracing guitars today!

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