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The world-renowned Martin Guitar Custom Shop is able to make your guitar dreams a reality. No idea is too big or too small. Dream it. We’ll build it. The Custom Shop Platinum Experience provides you with a memorable bespoke experience you will never forget. Your journey awaits. 

Martin invites guitar enthusiasts purchasing a custom shop or limited edition model priced over $15,000 to our factory in Nazareth, Pennsylvania for the unforgettable Platinum Experience. 

Your journey begins with transportation provided by Martin Guitar to our factory from the Lehigh Valley Airport or New York City. Upon arrival at the factory, you will be treated to a private behind-the-scenes tour after which our Custom Shop team will present you with your instrument. You will be introduced to the skilled Custom Shop craftspeople who built your instrument and speak with a professional tech who will answer all of your questions.

Your visit will include lunch and, if scheduling permits, a meet and greet with Chairman and CEO, Chris Martin IV.

Before you depart, you will receive a Platinum Experience gift bag including*:

  • Signed book from the 1833 Shop by Chairman and CEO, Chris Martin IV,

  • Set of Titanium Core strings

  • Custom Shop credentials book including your instrument’s specifications,

  • Official Custom Shop certificate,

  • Signed letter from Chairman and CEO, Chris Martin IV congratulating you on your new instrument,

  • Plus, 20% off any purchase from the 1833 Shop during your visit, one year of free membership to the Martin Owners Club and an invitation to the Evening with Chris Martin event.

Martin Platinum Custom Shop Experience –

At Tobias Music, we are proud of our 40-year relationship with the folks in the Martin Custom Shop. We have assisted many customers turn their dream guitar into the reality. We have been out to the Martin Guitar Factory many times over the years and we have many close friends within the company.

Now, you have the opportunity to turn your Martin Custom Shop Guitar order into a once in a lifetime experience. We are proud to offer the Martin Custom Shop Platinum Experience to our friends and customers.

As mentioned before, we have been at this a long time. We have plenty of experience helping our clients build their dream guitars. At first, the ordering process may seem a bit challenging. But this is where an experienced Custom Shop Dealer can help. With direct contact to the folks in the Martin Custom Shop, we can get your questions answered almost immediately. Whether you have questions in regards to wood selection, inlay, body size, scale length, bracing patterns, etc., we can get all the information needed to start the process of ordering your custom Martin Guitar.

We have helped numerous customers build their “Heirloom” guitars. Some of the most beautiful guitars to come out of the custom shop were ordered through us. And now, Martin has a new program to help celebrate your custom guitar.

At Tobias Music, we can arrange for the factory delivery of your new Custom Shop Martin. Once the guitar is ordered, we can arrange for you to visit the factory, schedule a tour of the factory and custom shop, and if scheduling works in our favor, you can meet with CF Martin IV and have him autograph your new guitar. We have met many of our customers at the factory and experienced the factory delivery with them. We have flown out to Nazareth, PA numerous times and have shared in the excitement as the good folks at Martin present our customers with their brand-new guitar. Many have met with Mr. Martin and have experienced a personal tour of his Martin Museum and then a tour of the factory. There is a great little Italian restaurant a block away for lunch. And then a final wrap up at the factory and a stroll through the 1833 Shoppe for some souvenirs. It’s a very cool experience and the good folks at Martin have perfected the art of Factory Delivery.

Please keep in mind that you have to start the planning through a dealer. After contacting us, we get everything scheduled for you. Also, you do not have to order a ridiculously expensive guitar to qualify for Factory Delivery. You can pick up any Martin Guitar that is ordered through us at the factory. There are some extra perks when ordering a more expensive guitar, but a Custom Shop Martin of any value can be picked up at the factory as can any guitar in Martin’s line-up.

The folks at Martin Guitars have dialed in the Platinum Custom Shop Experience. We have been out to the factory with our customers to share the experience with them. We’d be happy to spend the day in Nazareth, PA with you and experience your factory delivery. Feel free to contact us to get things rolling. Experience is everything when it comes to ordering a once-in-a-lifetime guitar. We have that experience. Let us know how we can help.

The Tobias Music Family


  • Transportation to and from the airport or NYC

  • Private tour by CFM (if available) or appropriate person

  • Presentation and review of instrument with Custom Shop folks

  • Personal guitar setup with set up tech

  • Lunch (CFM to attend if available)

  • Customer gets introduced to the folks who built the guitar


Gift Box will contain:


  • Signed book by Chris Martin from the 1833 Shop (The Martin Archives Book)

  • One year free membership to Martin Owners Club

  • 20% off purchase at 1833 Shop during the customer’s Platinum Experience visit

  • Receive 10 packs of Martin String (consumers choice)

  • Invitation to attend “An Evening with Chris Martin” event

  • Custom Shop Credentials Booklet that includes their Custom guitar specs.

  • A congratulatory letter from Chris Martin on the purchase of their Custom guitar

martin custom shop
martin custom shop
martin custom shop
martin custom shop