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Guitar Photos From Around The World

Guitar Photos From Around The World


We have met guitar players from all around the world and have some pretty cool guitar photos. Did you know that Tobias Music has international customers? Many foreign travelers visiting the Chicago area have made a trip out to Downers Grove to see us. We always try to offer a Tobias Music T-shirt to our world travelers. And they’re happy to send us a picture from faraway lands.

If you are traveling to the Chicago region, we invite you to visit our shop and take a few guitar photos for travel memories and our guitar photos collection. Tobias Music is conveniently located at 5013 Fairview Avenue in Downers Grove. We are a half block away from the commuter rail stop that is a major artery in and out of downtown Chicago.

Below are just a few guitar photos from our customers. We invite you to send us your favorite guitar photos from around the world.

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